Monday, May 13, 2013

UMH "Old Vestry" Giveaway

The "Old Vestry" was part of Capt. John Smith's
mansion. It was donated by his daughter, Ursula
(Smith) Gile. to UMH for use as a vestry in 1868
and moved to this location where it has been used
for religious activities ever since.
It was originally part of the
Asa and Ursula (Smith) Gile home on Main Street. 
Our board of directors has voted to give away (for free) the "Old Vestry" to anyone who will move it off the premises. This 19th century post and beam building has a meeting hall on the first floor and several small rooms on the second floor. It retains old doors and mantles. Windows are new. The "Old Vestry" is located next to the Union Meeting House, 22 Church Road, Readfield. If interested in removing the building call (207) 685-4537 or email